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Q: How do I contact you if in doubt?

A: We always love it when our customers speak to us. There is only one way to reach us, which is to send us a mail at order@scannableid.com. Typically, we respond to emails within 12 hours or less, depending on your time zone. We put customers first, so, we guarantee a smooth communication via email. If you do not receive an email from us within the speculated time, you can check your Spam folder.

Q: What do I need to make an order?

• A functioning email (for communication)
• A colored photograph with head straight and you looking into the camera.
• A white-colored background, or any other color that is different from the color of your hair and clothes.
• High-Resolution Camera (DSLRs, preferably)

What you shouldn’t do

• No selfie
• High-resolution photograph
• Do not smile in the picture

Q: What happens when I am ordering more than one ID?

A: Provide the details of the first card you’d like to get. Then, you can choose the option “Add and Add another”. When you are through with the multiple details filing, click “Add and Check”

Q: Are my info and details safe?

A: Absolutely. Under no circumstance do we release the name of our clients to anyone. We have a policy after shipping that says, “you were never here”. So, we do not store personal information of our clients on our systems; they are deleted as soon as you confirm the receipt of your ID.

Q: Is it advisable to use my real name?

A: Yes. It is advisable to use your real name so that when addressed by it, you can respond effortlessly. It also allows you to have a unified form of fake IDs such as credit cards, driver’s licences, student IDs’ etc that effectively bear your name and face.

Q: What advisable DOB?

A: Your preferred date of birth should be depended on what you need the ID for. Although it is better to claim somewhere between 21 and 23. It is better to choose the age that seems closer to your look.

Q: Can I sign on a piece of paper and send the picture?

A: Yes, you can sign on a white piece of paper and send us the picture.

Q: What issued date should I put?

A: You need not worry about that; we have an automated system that calculates the issue and expiration date. We set the date to some days before you get the card because it would appear new. However, if you want a particular issued or due date, we can make it happen, just note it in your request and it would be used. Note that cards are not issued on weekends and holiday dates; our system tries to avoid such dates, too.

Q: Do I get a discount?

A: Watch out for the mention of a discount on the main website page. You may also read our terms and conditions to know if you are eligible for a discount and what you can do to be eligible.

Q: What are the forms of payments available?

A: We offer payment modes that encourage anonymity. You can pay through Bitcoin and Western Union.

Q: Do I know if my payment has been accepted?

A: Yes. You get a confirmation email, within a short while, once payment has been lodged into our account. If nothing happens, within 24 hours of making the payment, please reach out to us to confirm the status from our end.

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We deliver all over the world

Q: What Courier Services do you use?

A: We use, USPS, DHL, FedEx, and UPS to deliver to different places globally.

Q: How Long would it take to get my ID?

Typically, it takes about 3-5 working days to complete the processing of the ID card. However, shipping to your location can vary by a number of factors depending on your choice of shipment, where you reside, and the road network. However, the shipping details of your order would be sent to you for easy tracking. Typically, though, it takes an average of one week for those residing in the US and it should take a max of 2 days for those outside the United States.

Q: How do I get my tracking number?

A: Once we have shipped the item to you, we will immediately send you an email that includes your tracking number.

Q: Will the ID get scanned?

A: Yes. Our barcode gets scanned and will bring out the details you have on the card, just as the real one.

Q: Would the ID pass the scan test under the UV Blacklight?

A: Yes. It would, and would pass other tests including the hologram test and bend test among others. We provide a hundred per cent guarantee.

Q: Can I do illegal things with the ID?

A: No. We don’t provide our IDs for such purposes. Our fake IDs are only meant to give you access to places where you might be denied to have fun or enjoy good things. Review our Terms and conditions of Service.