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Once you have filled in your order requirement, you are expected to make payment before your ID would be processed. Our standard and acceptable modes of payment include Bitcoin and Western Union. They are safe and without compromise.

You are expected to send us proof of payment by sending your payment details to us via email. You may take a screenshot of the transaction (if done on a phone or PC, or you could type out the details, including transaction number/ID, date and time of the transaction, and other relevant information.

For Bitcoin

  1. After placing your order, you will see a QR code of our Bitcoin wallet address, and you will also get a payment link.

  2. Get to any Bitcoin point and set up by using your phone number

  3. Access the payment link in the email and scan the QR code you got from us, on the ATM

  4. Enter the amount of money required for your order

  5. Tap “Done”.

If successful, you should get a page that attests to a successful order.

Thinking about how to get a bitcoin ATM? Getting Bitcoin ATM is not so difficult. You can search for “Bitcoin ATM near me”.

Using Western Union

When you make your order, choose "Western Union as your mode of payment. You would be provided with the receiver's information, which is where you would make the payment to. Dealing with a local agent is easier and safer (from camcorders) and allows instant pick up for the receivers.

You would be expected to fill a form with the agent. Make sure all information inputted is correct, as we have provided.

You will fill out:

  1. The amount you want to send

  2. The destination (by city/state)

  3. Your name and contact info

  4. Enter the receiver's name and info.

  5. Include your signature.

  6. Make cash payment of the required order to the agent.

Once processed, we should get it picked up between 10 minutes and 1 hour, and then you can have your order processed.